Professional Investment Partners, LLC.

1st Time Buyers, Wholesale Investors/Rehabbers
Want to Buy from a Seller that WANTS to SELL???

We have great programs for Homebuyers and Investors alike, that don't want to pay market prices to own
a home!

We work with lender financing programs or we "create" a financing program such as
Rent-to-Own that
allows potential homeowners to own real estate with
little to no credit necessary!

If you have NO Credit, Little Credit, or Low Credit scores due to a Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or maybe a
situation beyond your control -We understand!  Give us a call or fill in our Buyer's Request Form today!
Start getting the lists of properties you would like to buy today!

A Representative can call you back to discuss, what kind of homes you want to see and how we can help
you to purchase them.  So do it today! Get out of Renting and into Home Ownership.

If you thought Owning a Home was Out of your Reach- well it's not anymore!  Buy a home that increases in
value from the moment you step in the door.

Our homes range from Beautiful Renovations to properties that need Handyman-types for just a little
"TLC" (Paint and/or Carpets)... we also do wholesaling of our projects, in case you want to maximize your
Investment dollar!  We are sure that if you were not able to purchase in the past -this may be the right time
to take advantage of
Historically Low Interest Rates and Motivated Sellers that need to downsize or just
plain get rid of a mortgage that is not working out for them.

  Renovation Know-How

  Creditability- Our Contractors are licensed, Bonded and
          screened for their abilities to produce a Quality product...
you will enjoy coming home to!
We don't limit our list of available properties to just our inventory.  We have connections to Broker's
that we use to keep us in touch with all of the under market inventory in our market area.  

If you see a property, you'd like to get more information on or you would like a Real Estate Broker to
visit a Pre-Foreclosure in the Chicagoland/North & Northwest Suburban area, call us.  We have
access to trained staff that will contact or present an offer to a Seller, on your behalf.
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    Rent-to-Own Opportunities
    Creative ways to Purchase Homes
Professional Realty Partners, Inc., Professional Investment Partners, llc., Richland Financial Corporation and 1st Commercial Funding are separate entities, using one
companies services does imply usage of another.  Buyers and Sellers are encouraged to seek out companies whom they trust to handle their transactions, as they deem
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